Beijing Travel Transportation: Reasonable Price

No Shop Stop . No Hidden fees

Wifi in Car. Snacks. Bottle Water

Clean and Sanitation .  Punctuality


We focus only on private transport comprising of solo traveler, friends & families. We specialize in personalized, custom designed private Beijing transport with your complete satisfaction in mind. We service to tourists of layover or stopover and foreigners in Beijing with car rental and english-speaking driver, help them to transfer safely and efficiently .

Our drivers are honested, reliabled Beijinger, Our driving service is safe and fast, no detour, no shop stops.

The price will include round trip, toll, gas, parking fees, WiFi in car, bottle water, snacks.

We know the great wall hiking (trekking) routes quite well, from GuBeiKou to JinShanLing, from Jiankou to MuTianYu, HuangHuaCheng, BaDaLing, SiMaTai, etc......

If you have your itinerary, we will drive you to there on time and safely with reasonable rates. If you are solo in layover, I could give you suggestion. If you arrive at or start out on the early morning or midnight, we could pick u up at airport or your hotel. If you have additional requirements, just tell us in advance.

Our transport service is safe and having many services, guaranteed to make you satisfied. 

  • Reasonable prices;
  • Free Bottle Water and Snacks;
  • Some of Temporary Borrow Facilities or Disposable Goods, such as gloves, down jacket,  alpenstockand, telescope,  toilet paper,  toilet seat paper, band-aid, smart phone, charger Baby, public transportation pass card, and so on;
  • WiFi (VPN) Ready in Car;
  • Very Reliable in Good Faith;
  • Warm and Attentive Service;
  • 20+ years of safe driving;

Anyway, no matter what demand do you have, no matter what time to pick you up, just contact with us:

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
WhatsAPP:  +8613801203944
WeChat:  EnglishDriverBJ
Mobile:  8613801203944


  • This is just a transport service, There will not be the “Tour Guide” in the “tour”; 
  • Some drivers speak FLUCENT English, Some drivers speak BASIC English, Some drivers speak SIMPLE English;

the TAXI Driver License for Network Booking
LaoWang's TAXI License for Network Booking, contracted with DiDi (similar with Uber)

beijing travel chartered car rental with english speaking driver, transport service
Beijing Car Rental with English-speaking Driver: Beijing LaoWang Private Day Tour